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The Patriot Act

            "The Patriot Act is a justified legislative response to the dangerous would we live in and enforcement of said act poses no serious threat to our tradition of civil liberties".
             After September 11th 2001 we realized that we are living in a new era, an era where we understand the potential for attacks within our borders. That is what made this attack so rare; we haven't experienced an attack on our home soil since the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This attack made us aware of the possibilities of future attacks and our government knew they had to devise a plan that would deter terrorist cells home and abroad. It made our government aware that the tools they were using for intelligence and national security were not enough and they needed to be enhanced and to make information easier to get and review. In response, our government came up with the Patriot Act. Without this act our nation's ability to provide the highest level of national security would be handicapped. .
             This form of legislation is an attempt to deter future terrorist activity. This act enhances state, federal, and local authorities" means that can be used in an investigation of a suspected terrorist. Previously these tools have been used to prevent other crimes, but now they are being applied to seek out terrorists. Such as roving wiretaps, administrative subpoenas, electronic surveillance, ability to personal information like credit reports, internet activities, library records and also allowing arrests in immigration that are not publicly known and not allowing bail for individuals charged with terrorism. This act is highly controversial for its critic's say it takes away from our civil liberties that are guaranteed to us in the Constitution of The United States. While in fact the Patriot Act does give federal, state, and local authorities new ways to keep track of people it just gives them a more time saving efficient way to survey a particular person or group.

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