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             The Revolutionary War brought out dynamic personalities of men, which have made freedom a reality for us. One such man was James Otis who had a sincere concern for liberty and who believed in man's singular sovereignty, while publicly guarding against the practice of absolutism in government found in England under the rule of Charles II and James II. Otis argued that every man lived in a state of nature and was subjected to laws "engraved in his hearts."" He warned the new king Charles II that his usage owas for the most part destructive to his citizens at home and with his characteristic outspoken manner, frequently spoke up for the freedoms and rights of the lower classes.
             Samuel Adams.
             It was during the American Revolution that the colonies gave rise to many audacious politicians, who were able to preach to the populous, convincing them of British injustices. One such gentleman could be found in the Harvard educated Samuel Adams, a true example of the later defined "duty, honor, country-. Adams' impact on American history was great, influencing America theologically, politically, and socially. Samuel Adams was the son of a deacon, and through his way of life, exemplified "Sabbath- behavior on a daily basis, encouraging societal need for God. Politically, Adams was astute in the legal sciences, able to convince even the uneducated grass roots of society of the British imposed colonial tyranny. Furthermore, he approached the populous with a "Robin Hood- like mentality, denouncing the manipulative aristocracies, and barring such acts as liquor tax collection. .
             Patrick Henry.
             The American Revolution not only gave rise to exemplary patriots, but it also gave rise to great soapbox orators. Patrick Henry was a superb example of a patriotic orator, educated by the College of William and Mary and apprenticed in the law. Through his legal expertise, Henry greatly impacted America economically, politically, and legally.

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