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The heart of track and field

             Running, sweating, dieting, pushing your body to its breaking point, and the season hasn"t even started. This is the heart of athletes who want the glory, who want the fame, and the respect. This is what serious track athletes crave, wish and yearn for. The opportunity to make dreams become reality and competition is where it's achieved. Waiting in your starting block, waiting for the gun to go off, helplessly wondering am I going to become a champion or a failure. Before you can answer, the gun goes off. Faster and faster your heart begins to beat. Sweat begins pouring from your body, your muscles are aching and body's feeling numb. This 400m race seems like eternity. As fans cheer you on, the once physical game turns into a mental game when approaching the 100m stretch. The finish line is in view and the question enters your mind again, will I become a champion or a failure. Welcome to what it feels like being a track star.
             Ever since I was young I was always into sports. There has always been a natural talent of speed. Recently, throughout my years in high school I have learned to fine tune my body to deliver maximum results. I"m passionate, border line addicted to the sport of Track. Multiple sessions with personal trainers and countless hours in the GYM. This has become my passion, for one goal and that is to become the best. This passion doesn't stop in the GYM, but continues on the field. Where I share this enthusiasm with fellow team mates, to help them become better athletes. Track will always be an everlasting passion of mine.
             Track and Field has become a positive tool in my life. Track has made me stronger, physically and mentally. It has kept me focused in school and in the work field. Track has also built and molded myself into a positive role model for younger athletes. It has kept me on a on a righteous path, free from harmful substances that are damaging to the body and mind.

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