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State Track

             There I was after a whole year of hard work . I had finally made it to the state track meet were only the best in the state can compete for one goal, to be recognized as the best of the best in his or her event. To be number one the feeling of joy and happiness, yet at the same time there is some what a feeling of disbelief and wondering how you have accomplished so much to come out on top in the end.
             It was the first day of the state track meet and as all of the teams were setting up their team camps of all types and sizes. The coaches walking their laps around the track to check the track for things out of place and to discuss their plans for the day. All as the sun is rising to warm the earth for one of the most beautiful and exciting days at state track out of the three years that I have attended in my life. .
             I was anxious for the days events to get under way so that I could start my event. First event to start was the Eight hundred meter run, as the athletes ran the fans from all over the state cheered them on to do their best. Through this the runners had adrenaline pumping through their bodies helping them to perform their best as they strive to be number one and take home the gold medal. after the eight hundred meter run I was even more excited to participate in my own event even though it would not start for several hours to come.
             Next the 2A boys shot put was starting so I went to watch and cheer on a team-mate. Watching the shot put was an amazing thing to see, all of the athletes in the event picking up a heavy steel shot weighing several pounds and throwing it with such skill and precision up to distances of fifty-eight feet while staying inside of a ring only four feet in diameter so that the distances thrown by the athletes can be measured as an official throw. My team-mate in the event threw the shot the best that he has ever thrown in his track career which made him excited and filled with joy.

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