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Review of the Center for Physical Activity at ETSU

             Recently, I went on my second tour of the Center for Physical (CPA) Activity at East Tennessee State University. The tour guide gave an extensive overview of every part of the building while telling us all of the different programs and opportunities the CPA offers. He mentioned that the total cost for the structure was fourteen million dollars, which is financed by the students' activity fee of seventy dollars each semester. To justify this amount, all you have to do is walk through the front door of this state of the art facility. With many feautures such as weights, racquetball courts, basketball courts, an 1/8th mile track, a pool, and much more, seventy dollars per semester seems to be a very fair price to pay. Since my first visit to the CPA, I have set time aside in my schedule almost every day to make a trip down there. .
             Being a regular user of the CPA, I know that the university made a great decision when they decided to build the CPA. The designers included many different types of physical activities when they constructed the building. ETSU was in dire need of a new center to replace Brooks Gym because many students were beginning to purchase memberships to commerical gyms that were located off campus. The director of the CPA felt that students should be able to handle all of their affairs on campus, including physical activity. Now that the center is complete, many local gyms have lost a lot of business, forcing them to offer lower rates and specials. Since the CPA is essentially free to students, the best choice is very clear for which gym to go to. .
             As you walk through the front door, the towering wall for rock climbing stares you in the face, waiting for the toughest competitior to challenge it. To the right is the 5000 square feet aerobics/martial arts room. With a forgiving wood floor, great sound system, ballet rails, tons of mirrors, and throw down mats, this room is definitely suited for any type of aerobic or martial arts needs.

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