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Games Activities and Physical Education

             Physical Education has developed massively since the 19th century particularly its common aims. Previously PE focused on the acquisition of motor skills learning and performance levels (Barrett, 1985); however since the turn of the 21st century greater emphasis has been shown towards socialization, cognitive responses and life skills. Within this unit area the primary focus will be on games activity targeted at key stage 3 pupils. Games activity allows the involvement of pupils to partake and develop team as well as individual proficiencies, alongside enhancing self-confidence, body and spatial awareness, communication and core motor skill efficiency. Furthermore, games are highly adaptable, accounting for G&T (gifted and talented) and SEND (special education needs and disabilities) learners. Through this, condition games can be manifested in the correct way to maximise enjoyment as well as developing pupils at the correct degree which allows themselves, as well as teachers, to witness the progression being achieved. Games activity can provide the division of able and less able pupils to be in the appropriate environment with peers suited to their ability level. This downplays common issues of less able pupils being left out or feeling inferior to their peers without wanting to engage within the task. .
             1.2) Benefits and Constraints of Games Activity.
             Games activity within physical education allows pupils to conjoin together promoting the important essence of teamwork, problem solving and communication key skills relevant for later life. Within games activity individual positions allows individuals a sense of identity and importance which will promote confidence allowing pupils to be more willing to partake in various physical activities. Games activity can be easily modified based on the ability level witnessed; hence all pupils can gain a sense of achievement whilst developing motor co-ordination skills and knowledge.

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