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PE Philosophy

             Physical education is a program to educate and develop knowledge about health, fitness, and the importance of physical activity in all children. It also helps develop motor skills to enhance, mental, and social well-being through cognitive understanding of concepts and the application of psychomotor skills. A physical education program should embed physical competence, knowledge about health-related fitness, self-esteem, and enjoyment of physical activity for becoming a well rounded person with a healthy and active lifestyle in the future.
             Schools should stand behind the physical education specialists and give them a proper instructional period to implement an effective physical education program. The instructor needs to support and defend their program by publicizing their program by using written assessments to share how the students are graded (the assessment, not student's scores on them), do field trips and after school physical education programs for students and/or their parents, and send home weekly or monthly newsletters to tell everyone what is going on in their program.
             The instructor should create a developmentally appropriate program that will enhance physical, mental, social, and emotional wellness in all children with the opportunity to learn, meaningful content, and appropriate instruction. Every student should also be given an equal opportunity and attention in all activities in the program. It should improve children's attention and facilitate their learning into the classroom. Also to make physical education a fun learning experience is technology. By using heart rate monitors, pedometers, and computer programs the students can learn about a healthy .
             lifestyle, and what they are doing and can improve on and do to reach the level and mind set of life long fitness. To keep a physical education program alive the physical education specialists need to be proactive in their program because often times principals, parents, and legislators do not know what is new and good about today's physical education programs and curriculums.

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