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On Becoming a Physical Education Teacher

            The duty of a physical education teacher is to educate students in grades k-12 on how important exercising and eating right is beneficial in their lives. A physical education teacher teaches indoors the majority of the times. I really want to become a physical education teacher after getting my Bachelors degree. The reason I want to be a physical education teacher is because I want to demonstrate and explain to students the importance of fitness. As a younger student, I was inspired by my elementary physical education teacher to choose this career. He was an excellent role model, showing me how important it is to exercise. I've interviewed my physical education teacher and collected more resources on getting the job, duties and education courses necessary for having this as my major. .
             My philosophy for teaching and coaching is really important to me. I was born from a neighborhood that many African Americans didn't try their hardest to succeed. I really want to change that trend. That is why I want to push really hard to get a victory and success in what I do for my life and career. For coaching and teaching I believe that I would do very well in it, all my life I been accomplishing many goals in my life. My experiences in life would help a class and team to reach its highest potential for victory. I know that you must give everything that you'll have to be a successful. The biggest reason why I want to make sure that many kids can hear my knowledge about any sport and other problems teens might have in their life's not regarding sports. My objective is helping students and athletes to develop physically, psychologically, and socially. I want them to be strong minded and fit as well.
             PE teachers are a huge factor in bringing out children's intellectual and social development in their young years. To become a Physical Education teacher you must have a Bachelor's degree and pass a certification exam for the State Teacher Board.

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