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Physical and Perceptual Development

            Most people who are studying Early Learning and Child Care will work with children after graduation and it is very important to have knowledge about child development when educators work in child care environment. If the early childhood educators understand child development well, they are able to recognize whether children are in physically and perceptually appropriate development stage or not. An understanding of basic human developmental stages can be used to gear the teacher's lesson plans in order to maximize the success of students in both the academic and the social realms of their lives. This understanding can also be used to minimize problems in the classroom. (Vercillo, 2012) In addition, early childhood educators have to be aware of age-related physical and perceptual development because child developmental stages proceed with age. This essay will explore five to six year-old children's development related to physical, motor, language, cognitive, social and emotional.
             Physical and Motor.
             When children become five to six years old, they have confidence of their physical skills although their thought is wrong and repeat failures. It is not matched that what children think they can do, and what they can really do("Parenting and Child Health", 2014). Five to six year-old children begin to develop their large muscles and use small muscles. They can learn big movements such as running fast without falling, jumping forward and over an object that is 10 inches high using both feet, standing on one leg with keeping balance, and hopping on one foot for twenty feet or more. Moreover, they are already able to skip, throw and catch a ball, and hit a target with a small ball. These are relevant to gross motor skills. They also learn skills related to small movements, for example, they can copy simple words or numbers even though it is hard to read their writing, grab a pencil in the right way with three fingers, and draw a person with concrete body parts as well as complex shapes such as an arrow or a diamond.

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