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Landscape art

            Landscape art is often thought of as being a representation of the natural or built environment. However, just as the land we inhabit affects our sense of who we are, landscape art reflects the meaning expressed by the artist and the viewer's interpretation. Alfredo Arreguín places hidden pictures in his tropical landscapes. Similarly, there is often more to landscape art than first meets the eye.
             The geographical differences between the three countries of the North-American continent influenced exploration and development. Geography continues to exert an influence. Landscape art is often thought of as being a representation of the natural environment; however, the transforming influence of human beings on their environment is also captured by artists at different moments in the history of each country.
             Works of landscape art represent more than a passive view of the physical environment. Just as characteristics of the land itself influence land use, so do the cultures of the people living in a place. In turn, the interrelationship of people and their land influences what an artist portrays in depicting a landscape.
             North America is inhabited by a rich diversity of cultures. Look at the people depicted by artists in Panoramas: The North American Landscape in Art. Can you identify the cultural influence? What clues can be seen in each image that suggest the landscape that supports the culture depicted?.
             Have you ever wondered how an artist gets you to look at certain parts of an artwork or to consider one area or form more interesting than another? The basic elements of art convey visual information from which the viewer creates meaning. Recognition of basic artistic elements and understanding of their perceptual effects can increase your appreciation. .
             Techniques of perspective, repetition, and pattern are often found in landscape art. Explore several of these techniques by clicking on the images below.

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