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What is Art?

             Today any and everything is considered art.
             created? Who is an artist? Some believe only something created on an easel can .
             be classified as art. They shun modern art and completely ignore pornography. .
             Some critics believe everyone can't create art. Well I disagree. Art is an .
             expression. If one has ideas to express then the creation of art is possible. .
             What is being created, how one is creating it, or what gender, ethnicity, or .
             age the person is, does not matter.
             Throughout history we have seen both men and women who have left their mark on the art world. One such female artist is Nora Heysen, daughter of Hans Heysen. She was born in Adelaide in 1911. Heysen studied at school of Fine Arts in Adelaide and then she studied at the School of Central Art in London. She .
             became the first woman to win Archibald Prize for portraiture in 1938. She also .
             was the first woman to become an official war artist in 1943. While holding .
             this position she created 170 works of art. Heysen like many women suffered .
             much criticism but nonetheless she became a renowned Australian artist. Even to .
             day women are moving into positions in the art world. Independent curator and .
             critic Sue Spaid has been named curator of the Contemporary Arts Center in .
             Cincinnati. .
             Like Nora Heysen, Sonia Terk Delauney was a renowned female artist. .
             Delauney studied art in Karlsruhe, Germany and is known for her easel .
             paintings, public murals, theatrical, graphic, fashion, and interior designs; .
             and designs for playing cards, ceramics, mosaics, and stained glass. She became .
             the first living female artist to have an exhibition at the Louvre, and she was .
             named an officer of the French Legion of Honor. .
             Just like in any other activity art is not lacking in male participants. .
             Archibald J. Motley Jr. is an artist who was a pioneer in his art style. He .
             concentrated on African American life in his paintings. There are others such .

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