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The Beginnings of Pop Art

             That was arguably until art styles like pop art were born. People of today's world look at that art and wonder, "Why/how was this considered a work of art?" As art styles change, so do mood changes. People can say that the world and what it consists of is what makes up the art of that generation. The mood was changing in this era and it was becoming more vibrant. Pop art was emerging and people endured it. Avant-garde artists, the style and feeling of the art, and the culture of the art are three of the many attributes that structure the evolution of pop art. The new era had begun.
             Avant-garde artists were the artists that were leading an era of art into a new era. Among this time period, there were many avant-garde artists. A few of the popular people were Yves Klein, Piero Manzoni, Joseph Beuys, and Andy Warhol. Yves Klein was one of the more significant and prominent artists of this time. One of his more recognizable pieces, the "Blue Monochrome," was very influential and proven in changing the art era. A simple blue painting, but it was more than that. The vibrant and big piece of art was making a statement. Piero Manzoni and Joseph Beuys were similar in that they were both avant-garde artists. Their works of art were interesting and consisted of a factor that attracted people to them. Andy Warhol was arguable the spotlight of the pop art era. The way he depicted pop art was thus mesmerizing to people. He was most famous for his portraits like his Marylyn Monroe piece, which popped out very vibrantly. The Campbell's noodle soup art is also a work of art to Andy Warhol's name. He, and the few other artists' I talked about, exhibited avant-garde art that helped shape an era of art.
             The style and feeling of art in this era was in a definite change. Art was beginning to take on a "comic style" now. Art had started to be perceived, as an art that presented objects that were powerful.

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