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Pop Music in Radio and Tv

             Popular music is something that everyone can share. Whether you are old or young, American or from anywhere else in the world, you will be listening to the same bands and artists. All this IF you are a fan of the genre. Music history, from the 1960's until now, has shown that the only groups and acts we still remember and quote are the ones who sing pop songs. Maybe some rock groups managed to reach the same status but this is only because of the times and lifestyle they represented. Take Elvis for example. No one has to mention his surname. He has gone down in history with his first name. This is quite an achievement. He is an always-recognisable face all over the world. The same with Beatles and Rolling Stones. In this essay I will try to document the development of the pop song in Greece during those four decades. But let me start from the beginning.
             The 1960's was an era that was not experienced by me but I seem to know much about it. Why is that? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the same songs they use to play on the radio of my dad's house when he was my age are being played on the radio in my house now? The 1960's was a decade where people were learning to be consumers and they were just starting to loosen up from the Second World War. My dad's generation was growing up lucky enough to get all kinds of influences from foreign countries thanks to the radio. Growing up in post-war Greece was not easy with lack of money and all but radio made things easier to bear. Teenagers were swinging to the sound of the remaining songs of Elvis and the songs of the Beatles. Whatever little pocket money they had was going towards buying records that they could play on the record player of the one lucky friend who owned one (not everyone did). Those who could not even do that were able to listen to all the songs of the British and American charts on the radio for free.
             The Beatles may have had easy to understand lyrics ("Love, love me do" etc) but they were also concerned with the war in Vietnam.

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