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Who's Playing?

             A concert for many people is a way to release all of their emotions. Various types of music are around for different types of people. Whether it is popular music or not, there is a crowd of people that enjoys the genre. Each kind of music has ways to express oneself by moving. Some examples of movement are moving one's head up and down, slow dancing, running, and hitting each other in a circle (moshing), jumping up and down, or just sitting back and rocking a foot to the beat. All of these examples help to express how people feel when the music hits them inside. .
             Depending on what concert the scene varies from one to another. The concert I attended is in Sacramento, CA on Saturday September 8, 2001. The line up for the bands playing is FenixTx, Sum 41, New Found Glory, and Blink 182. These groups are all considered in the punk genre. Headlining is Blink 182. Blink 182 is on the Music Television Video (MTV) network many times a day. Therefore they are definitely the most popular band there. New Found Glory, FenixTx, and Sum 41 all range back and forth on who is more liked than the other. These bands all have hit songs, but have not been as well liked as Blink 182. The bands consist of three to four musicians. Each band and concert has a feeling that is like no other. .
             As I walk in through the gates, mobs of people are scattered about. Many booths and stands are set up promoting punk companies and their products. Also, I can smell the aroma of hot dogs from the concession stands. Continuing to my seat, my friends and I march up the stairs. The general crowd of people is dressed in baggie jeans, backward hats, belly shirts, skate boarding shoes, and a variety of colored t-shirts. There are mainly teenagers to twenty-five year olds, and parents with their young children. Conversations run back and forth between friends and strangers. Coming into view is the seating assignment. There is a standing area up front, a seating section, and at the top is the grass area.

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