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Laura Meyers's Chicken

             In Laura Meyers's Chicken, Meyers portrays a chicken that tries to do the normal everyday things humans do. Her movement around the created space of a stage was quite intriguing to watch. However, one had to have a real keen sense of humor to find the whole play very funny. There were a few very funny scenes in the play, but to find the whole play interesting or funny could not be done by many. .
             Meyers, who was the sole actress in the play, was very believable in her portrayal of a chicken. She wore a red jumpsuit, had her hair gelled straight up, making her look like the head of a chicken. Meyers also has a big, pointy nose that gave her a great advantage of looking like a chicken over anyone else. .
             Meyers acted as perfect as can be in the dildo situation. Meyers, playing Chicken, was always jumping around the stage with her knees bent in-ward, like in a painful position, yelling "bok-bok." While she was "bok-boking," she noticed a dildo next to her. So, she picked it up, and started throwing the dildo against the wall and playing with it, by rolling her legs over it, as any animal would, upon seeing a new toy it discovered. This scene was great and the audience found it very funny because Meyers was able to bring a day-to-day "common" object into a comedy setting. .
             The play did not contain much scenery. There were props used but the background was only a black wall, therefore, as an audience member, there was no way for me to tell what type of place or time period the chicken portrayal was occurring in. Although, by watching the play, those characteristics really do not matter. .
             One prop used was a small suitcase. The suitcase, thrown onto the set by the stage manager, was lying facedown on the ground, when Chicken tried sitting inside of it after she had opened it. She could not fit, so she fell on her side. Chicken immediately got up, and tried again to sit in the suitcase. She obviously did not fit again, and continued this scene over and over and over again many times.

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