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Organized Sound In Everyday Life

            Even if we limit the definition of "organized sound" to what we call music, its role and impact on our everyday life is so obvious that we simply cannot imagine life without it. There is hardly any activity or hour of the day where we do not come into contact with organized sound, either consciously or unconsciously. This means that sound is always around and we hear it without necessarily always listening to it.
             Organized sound wakes us in the morning, coming from an alarm clock, a mother's singing voice, a melodic telephone ringing, a radio or a television set. Organized sound puts us to sleep, at night, in the soft voice of our favorite singer or in the music of our favorite composer.
             We cannot sit down and have breakfast or lunch if some kind of sound producing device is not turned on. It seems that silence is incompatible with meals and not only at home. Can you imagine a restaurant or a cafeteria where there is no background music?.
             We cannot stand silence even when we are moving. That is why Walkman was invented. On the way to work, to school, to the market and to every possible destination, no matter what means of transportation we use, music is with us. If driving, it comes from the car's radio or tape recorder. If walking or using a taxi, a bus, a train or even a plane, the Walkman is on duty. For those who do not take care to carry the music of their own choice there is still plenty of music available all the way to their destination. All means of transportation are equipped with music playing devices while musical sounds coming from the loudspeakers of shops and bars and street musicians provide a sonic continuum for the passenger. Silence is nowhere to be found.
             Even our working environment is not music free. Offices, factories, banks, shops, supermarkets and all kinds of public places use , during working hours, a background music consisting of familiar to everyone, established pieces, usually pop and classical.

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