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A Summary of Zydeco Music

            Zydeco music is a fast upbeat tempo that usually consists of lead and background vocals, piano accordion, rub board, rhythm guitar, and drums. It has a mixture of blues and jazz music. Zydeco is dance music that was started by Creole French speaking people of African descent that lived in Southwest Louisiana. It originally consisted of the sound of an accordion and the scrapping of a rubboard. Zydeco has grown with my family. I'm from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, home of Creole cooking, zydeco music, and French talking people. I grew up listening to zydeco music with my dad and grandfather. I use to go to the zydeco trail rides with my grandfather at the age of eight. .
             Zydeco trail rides take place primarily in Louisiana and Texas. Zydeco trail ride is riding outdoors on a trail on a horse or a four wheeler. It's never on roads used by motorized traffic. A zydeco trail ride can be of any length or distance. It's usually from Friday through Sunday. It consist of lots of dancing, wild cooking, and live zydeco music performances. Trail riding has become a family affair. Zydeco music has grown with my family.
             Zydeco music is like a sweater that has been passed down from one child to the next. It's hard to get rid of and gets better with time. The music sends a message that has a two-step dance whether it's fast or slow. Back in the day as a child, I had no other choice but to listen to the same music of my parents. We had only one radio and as a child in my parent's house you didn't get many choices. The first time that I heard zydeco music, I thought that it sounded like pots and pans being banged against each other. I used to cover my ears while riding in the car with my daddy and asking myself , "why does he like that noise?" He would have the radio so loud especially if it was one of his favorite songs. .
             Zydeco music was played everyday in my house, at noon on Sundays following the gospel music and all of our family gatherings.

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