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Nine Types of Art

             Here are nine descriptions of art and explanations of why the examples exemplify the definitions of art. The concepts of art and the different philosophers work on art. Everyone has his or her own belief of what art is and how he or she may look at it. Here are just some people and how they look at art and some photos that show what it is. .
             1. Art.
             It has the ability to produce desire and it creates vision. It can create new relationships and it can offer new ways of seeing the world. Can create the quality of your text. It is the visual look of an idea or experience, shaped with skill through the use of a medium. .
             2. Painting.
             One form of painting is Egg Tempera; here the coloring is mixed with egg yolk or both the yolk and the white of an egg. It was used before the 15th century to exemplify and elaborate books. It dries very quickly and produces an opaque, matte surface. Some artists that worked with this type of painting was Cimabue and Duccio. .
             3. Sculpture.
             Gian Lorenzo helped make sculptures representing spring and fall. One of his masterpieces was to present a mystical figure who is overwhelmed by a miraculous vision. He conquered the art world in the 17th century. His sculptures translate topics, use of forms, and mixture of media. .
             4. Architecture.
             Was a new artistic style introduced by the Roman Catholic Europe. Bernini finished this piece in 1633 and is at the heart of the church. This piece is called the Baldacchino, and it is a bronze canopy that is held up by four twisting columns. This piece rises above an altar at which only the Pope conducts mass. .
             5. Photography.
             Was noticed ages ago by a Russian amateur chemist Bestuzhev-Rjumin (1693-1766). The first photograph ever taken was in 1826 or 1827 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. This images is the view from his upstairs window in France. .
             6. Printmaking.
             Was established in the 15th century. It was linked to the expansion of moveable type and the printing press.

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