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art for children

             1) For one of my projects I wrote a children book geared towards kids ranging in ages from kindergarten through third grade. It is a four page book made from one piece of paper with three folds. Along the top of the pages are four different types of contours. The contours are made to resemble a city, mountains, a forest, and the ocean. Each of the contours help to teach the children about different geographical locations. The storyline is about the Smith family vacation which is also the title. To illustrate the book I used graphite pencils, colored pencils, and crayons.
             2) In my book I used a variety of principles and elements. There are all of the primary colors and many of the secondary. The colors are both warm and cool. The lines that I used for the road are curvy and flow throughout the whole book. I feel that the road ties the book together visually and mentally takes the reader through the vacation. The city is rigid with symetrical vertical and horizontal lines whereas the mountains are diagonal and have irregular lines. In contrast to the strong shapes of the first two pages the lines of the second two are curvy and delicate. The last two pages also have a lot of texture in the grass and beach depictions. .
             Because of the asymmetrical nature of the subject matter and the variety of topics I tried to make the emphasis on the black road which leads the reader through the book to the stops along the way. I feel that the book is harmonious because of the contrasting lines mixed together with the range of colors and textures.
             3) The best part of the composition in my artwork is the way that I used all different types of lines in the buildings and mountains which are straight. The forest and the ocean contours are curved. I also like that the colors range greatly from light to dark, warm to cool. I mentioned before that the road that runs through the book ties the story together, it also ties the colors, shapes, and textures together.

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