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Dallas Museum Of Art

             During my visit at The Dallas Museum Of Art I came to a revelation that I had stepped into a building with a world of its own. When I proceeded to my first exhibit I was, honestly, mildly amused. As I examined the room filled with artwork decorating the walls, I could not locate a painting that would seize my attention until; I walked through the door and into another part of the exhibit. In this room I saw a painting that did just that, ravished my senses, but unbeknown to me this would be a regular occurrence for the duration of my visit. Walking through the different exhibits was captivating, with some causing me to feel deep emotion in just observing them. The sculptures were magnificent being able to pay close advertency to the detail. I immensely enjoyed my time at the Dallas Museum Of Art and look forward to going back. .
             The first piece of artwork I selected was "Lise in a White Shawl". I selected this work of art because as soon as I laid eyes upon her it seemed as though she was staring back. I particularly love the eyes of this painting because they appeared so lifelike as though a person was concealed behind the canvas. The painting was done in oils, which gave the whole scene a very realistic feel to it. Pierre Auguste Renoir was the artist of this artwork and secret lover of the woman in the painting, which I believe is why it's done so elegantly. The painting looks as if a lot of dedication and passion was expressed in the creation of this masterpiece. The artist captures everything from her worry free and calm expression to the contours of her fingers adjusting her shawl, it's just absolutely astonishing.
             The second piece of artwork I selected was "Ugolino And His Children". This particular piece was a sculpture made by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux and was a created scene from the book "Dante's Inferno". Consigned to the ninth circle, second ring of hell in Dante's Inferno, Ugolino is punished with all consuming hunger.

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