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Jaqueline Kennedy

            Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis made a big impact on the world with her classic beauty, timeless elegance, tremendous talents, and wonderful personality. She was a wonderful woman with amazing ability to do what she felt confident in. She was a woman who believed in God and loved her family. She did her best in tough times and raised her children in a way fitting to God. Many people look up to her and admire her for this.
             Jacqueline Kennedy was born on July 28, 1929 in Southampton, New York to her parents Janet Lee and John Vernon Bouvier III. She received her nickname "Jackie" from her dad. Her full name at birth was Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. She grew up in New York City, East Hampton, and Long Island. As a child she rode horses from the age of two. She won an Equestrian championship at the age of 5. She attended the best private schools in the area. There she wrote many poems and stories, drew illustrations, and studied ballet. (Source 1, 3-5) At age 11 her parents were divorced, although, she had a very happy childhood. Her mother remarried Hugh D. Auchincloss in 1942. Jackie was 13. They moved to "Merry Wood" near Washington D.C. They spent their summers in New Port, Rhode Island at her stepfather's estate. Jackie was elected the "debutante of the year" at her country club for the 1947-1948 season. She did continue her education despite social success. (Source 4, 9-10) She traveled extensively as a Vassar student. She spent her junior year in France right before graduating from George Washington University. From these experiences she had had great empathy for people of foreign countries, especially the French. (Source 3, 11-12) .
             Jackie's first real job was working as "inquiring photographer" for a local newspaper, the Washington Times Herald in 1952. (Source 2, 11) She met John Fitzgerald Kennedy who at the time was the most eligible bachelor in the capitol. After dating for a while they decided to get married in Newport in 1953.

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