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             As the rain poured down my mask, I could taste the sweat inside. My body is becoming tense and nervous. I cannot .
             allow for this to happen, not unless I wish to die here and now. I have to be as cunning as a wolf, with the ferocity of a tiger.My .
             life and my people's life hangs in the balance. I am Ninja, protector of life and everything good. Now it is time. I am getting .
             Closer, closer to my ultimate goal. Not far now. There, that is the door in which my destiny lies. Carefully, cannot make too .
             much noise. Aahhh. look at him. sleeping like a child. You would never know or tell that this man, this creature, was the cause .
             of so many of my people's lives. Now is the time of awakening to a new world . With my blade, I shall spill the foul one's .
             blood, once and for all. Now my people may finally be free.Although this story is said to be fictional, this very well could .
             have been the attitude Ninjas could have very well had during the early centuries of Ninja life.
             Ninjutsu began more than 800 years ago among the ninja people living in Japan. The warrior class which ruled Japan at .
             the time were called the Samurai. They controlled the land and it's people. Their lord, the Shogun, was the only person the .
             Samurai was answerable to. The ordinary peasant served the warriors every whim. A peasant could never strike a Samurai. If .
             he did, it would mean his life. The ninja would not serve the Samurai, and fled to the barren, cold, mountainous regions of Iga .
             and Koga. There they trained in the arts of war. It is said that their art is based upon a great Chinese military text written by a .
             general named Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Over the centuries the ninja (word meaning 'stealers-in') trained from the cradle to the .
             grave in every known martial art. Their forte was espionage and assassination, by any means possible. But their training also .
             taught them to reach spiritual heights, by pushing their bodies and minds to limits far beyond that of normal human endurance.

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