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children and tv

            After school many children come home, do their homework, then turn on the television. They sit in front of it for hours until their mom tells them it is suppertime. Whether what the children are watching is good or bad depends on what is being watched. If used properly, television provides a means of entertainment, good role models, and education for children that may also be beneficial for their futures.
             The most common, but the least important fact about television is that it is mostly used for entertainment. This is very beneficial for children, though. Shows such as Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, and Bugs Bunny give to children not only entertainment, but show the good from the bad, or good verses evil. Humor throughout these shows keep children with high spirits and keep children entertained.
             There are many role models on television in which children grow to love and learn from. For example, Mr. Rogers teaches children history of our country and a variety of cultural findings. He keeps children thinking positively as well as entertaining them. Another children show that creates a great role model is Barney. He shows children love and the ability to have an imagination. Sesame Street's character of Big Bird is a good role model for children because he is positive, creative, and a humorous character.
             Education, which is the most important for our children, is provided throughout the television. From Bill Nye the Science Guy teaching children basic fundamentals of science to Sesame Street and Barney teaching children how to say their abc"s. These shows educate our children on the basics of real life; they show children things they are going to need to know for their futures. .
             In conclusion, television is an excellent resource for entertainment, role models, and education for our children so they may grow up with the knowledge and spirits to become who and what they decide to be.

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