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Comparison between radio times and tv times

             I am going to deconstruct and analyse two media texts which are both print based. The two texts are extracted from the TV Times and Radio Times 12 years ago for the Christmas and New Year period. They are both the front covers of the magazines. Radio Times covered channels one and two and TV Times covered three and four - channel five was not available 12 years ago. As each only covered two channels each both magazines were essential if a reader wanted to know everything that was on television. Both are the same price of one pound ten. Both have competitions to win cars or money which are an incentive to buy the product though Radio Times only has one.
             The TV Times is working class and has lots of screamers like "Look who's in the Christmas Pudding Club!". It is very soap opera orientated and its main picture is of two popular soap actresses who are both pregnant hence the screamer above. They are wearing Santa outfits and holding their stomachs like Santa. There are many more prizes offered in this magazine and it also offers more information than the Radio Times as it is a "Bumper Double Issue!" and has "Your big 14 day film guide" whereas the Radio Times is only a "Double Issue" so sounds inferior and less value for money as there is more information in the TV Times.
             The Radio Times appears much more traditional and would attract a family with younger children with the Santa Claus in the centre and the usual connotations of Christmas in the background - a fireplace with an array of cards, stockings and decorations hanging off the mantel, the Christmas tree with presents underneath it and a child holding a plate of mince pies. The TV Times only has little pictures associated with Christmas bordering the front cover. This is aimed at middle class people and is more family orientated with the two young children sitting with Santa portraying a happy, cozy, "nuclear family" Christmas.

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