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Tv violence and children

             Certain countries are becoming more aware of the power violent television holds over the behaviors and actions of children, and they are taking what they think are the necessary steps for eliminating media violence. For example, in the article, A Kick in the Head, "James Walsh tells about a Swedish satellite TV network that stopped the children's TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers after a five-year-old girl was beaten senseless by three small boys and froze to death (1)." Furthermore, The Coalition for Responsible TV's Patricia Herdman states, "Elementary school children don't have aliens to kick-box, so kids practice on playmates instead (unknown)." As Hardman suggests, violent programs such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are teaching children that violence is justified as a solution to their problems. Even though numerous studies show a direct link between television violence and aggressive children, the television industries continue to ignore the facts. In order to solve the television violence epidemic people resort to censorship as one remedy to the problem, although I do not believe censorship is the appropriate solution. Many other realistic solutions such as self-regulation have been introduced to resolve this issue, though until the television industries acknowledge that there is a problem nothing can be done to solve the matter. Children are the victims of T.V. violence and so I believe that the television industries should be responsible for regulating the amount of television violence that they subject millions of children to everyday.
             The United States is not the only country that is concerned about the amount of violence people see on the television. Many other countries are taking action and trying to fight the media violence epidemic. For instance, according to the article, A Kick in the Head, by James Walsh, the release of the movie Natural Born Killers, in which a pair of perversely attractive lovers goes on a sociopath murder spree across America, was held up in Britain in the wake of an infamous 1993 child murder.

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