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TV's violence impact on child

            Influence of television violence for children.
             Each day, millions of child open their television and pass hours watching it.What they listen can be cartoon, reality show, game show, educational program or movie. But first of all, by children I mean kid between the ages of 6 to 11. The reason I choose this specific group of age, is that their starting to understand and analyze what they see on television. Perhaps, it's not because they understand what is going on that they understand that it's not real life. .
             Television with educational program can learn a child a song, to count, some new words and all sorts of things. When a kid listen a program, most violence remains sanitized. Violence is typically shown with little or no harm to the victim. In fact, more than half of the violent incidents on television depict no physical injury or pain to the victim. So if a child listen to a program that contains violent scene with a characters being hurt and that five minutes later this character's going alright like if it was normal or insignificant, is it possible the child learn a lesson from this It is the question that the American Academy of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) ask themselves. When they finish their study, they publied a short fact sheet containing the answer of this little question. They came to the conclusion that children who are exposed too much at violence by watching television:.
             become immune to the horror of violence.
             Gradually accept violence as a way to solve problem.
             imitate the violence they see in television.
             Identify with some characters, victims/victimizers.
             That show us that child could real problem, like becoming more aggressive after watching a TV program, and more specifically a violent TV program. Also, kids who watch violent programs are slower to intervene or to call for help when they saw younger children fighting or playing destructively than kids who watched nonviolent TV program.

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