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Television and Violence

            Open your eyes people it's everywhere! Violence is on the up rise, or is it declining by the hour? Has watching violence on TV made you act out in anger or made you think of killing someone in any way possible? Violence is in our everyday lives, we see it without even trying to or wanting to. It's all around us in many shapes and sizes. I personally think that violence is good to a certain extent on TV and in movies and it being regulated by the government is perfectly fine the way is it now. If government regulations increased monitoring its shows and movies things such as war, gun violence, fighting would have a positive impact. Another reason being many people tune into the radio or TV for their daily news so that to would have some sort of affect. Moreover, some TV shows are about fighting, war, crimes and there are many things one can take from the actions portrayed. The violence on TV is there to be watched or not to be watched, it is your personal choice to watch the violence displayed on TV shows and or movies. .
             Firstly, many people of my generation including myself don't really read the newspapers and/or magazines. We get our information about what's going on in the world by our TVs and social media or networking services. Violence is all over the news, what country's are at war, who has been killed lately, etc. "Knowledge doesn't just come from school, newspapers, magazines, and books, it comes from television." Sukhman Gill. Many people around the word can't read English or even speak it but can understand it. So watching TV they can listen and learn. On the other hand, violence in other countries are mind blasting, but we can't help the people in need if we don't know there state or troubles. More or less, the violence and things we see, helps us visualize what they are going through. People need the news to help them, to avoid violence and learn which leads me to my next point.

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