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Children in Front of TV Violence

            In Brooklyn, New York, the six-year-old son of a policeman asked his father to give him real bullets because his little sister "doesn't die for real when I shoot her like Bruce Wills kills in "Die Hard" ". For years now, researchers have been trying to answer the question on whether TV has harmful effects on young viewers or not, but the debate still remains. On the one hand, there are those parents and social commentators who are enthusiastic about the opportunity television presents to children. Not only do they learn about the wonders of the world, but they also get a glimpse of the goodness and badness of humankind. In addition, they also strongly support the so-called "catharsis" potential of television. On the other hand, thoughtful parents and social critics are very much aware of television's faults. The purpose of this essay is to present this conflict of violence that influence offspring via the attendance of TV programs. Television programming has been under attack on the grounds that it is heavily loaded with violence and sadism and that it encourages and stimulates aggressive behaviour in the adolescent audience. This problem exists firstly, because children tend to imitate what they see and finally, they have limited knowledge to evaluate, distinguish or understand what is good and what is evil.
             Television is a ubiquitous medium found in all developed countries. .
             "Television is in more than 95% of all American households more common than indoor toilets." (Aimee Dorr 8). Most households have more than two operating sets while on average, a set is turned on about seven hours a day. The American Paediatric Association states that by the age of 18, the average young person will have viewed about 200,000 acts of violence on TV. (A.P.A.). Social scientists have been fascinated watching this new medium leaving behind the other mass media. However, even though television has become so popular, the question most often asked about it, almost from the time of its appearance, has been "Does extensive viewing of television by our youth contributes significantly to the existence of violence in our society?" .

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