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Violence in Media

            I can remember I was in 4th grade; I had to share my room with my 3 brothers. It was a huge room with virtually everything required for a student; Study table, book shelve, board games ad beside these thing there was our only one source of information outside.
             School, a television set. We were allowed to watch TV only at certain time of the day. Mostly after doing our homework, but past 8 p.m. we were living in an Islamic country where media is not so powerful. Most of the viewings are either suitable for all age types, but if extra precaution is required, everything is censored. My father was working fir the local TV in the censorship department. So he would already know what's coming on when and what's ok for us to watch. I can recall while growing up, TV was fun time for all of us usually we use to watch cartoon or Indian movies that use to come on every Thursday night. Other than that we hardly watched any other shows. As I grew up I started to watch more English movies as compared to cartoon and Indian movies because of so much details and realism as compared to Indian movies in which everything was perfect. But never-the-less violence was not part of it. .
             When I was in 9th grade my father ordered cable TV because my mother wanted to watch Pakistani programs, which we can only view on cable. When they were not watching the cable TV, we use to flip the channel and watch channels like America plus or movie channels, which will have American movies on all the time. We were expose to a lot of violence through that. My parents were concerned about this matter and didn't want us to grasp the violent behavior as portrayed in the movies. My Parents protected us from excessive TV violence in many ways e.g. they paid attention to the programs we were watching and sometime watched TV with us. They set limits on the amount of time we spend with the television; consider removing the TV set from our bedroom.

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