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Violence In The Media

            Imagine two small children sitting quietly in front of a new age babysitter, the television.
             After viewing a prime time show which had many violent scenes, the youngsters decided to.
             actually leave indoors and play outside before dark comes. While playing, they begin to rough.
             house each other, eventually, the play turns violent. The question now arises, did their play turn.
             violent from what they had previously witnessed on television, or just natural child's play. In.
             today's society, many people believe violence in the media is contributing to deviant behavior in.
             our children.
             Violent behavior of some individuals can possibly be linked to media violence. There are.
             a number of different ways that people can be influenced by media violence. Sexually explicit.
             material including rape, murders, and street violence in the media are all influences. There are.
             also other media influences on beauty and what is considered the "norm- for beautiful in society.
             However, the main question is who will be affected, and by what material and in how are all.
             difficult questions to answer. When speaking of media violence, the topic is not only television.
             and movies, but news as well. This also brings another question to mind: today, is news to.
             inform, or to entertain and receive ratings? However, there are ways to prevent media violence.
             from corrupting one's own behavior (other than changing the channel). It is the responsibility of.
             the public to voice their opinions and speak out against television violence. .
             Many studies have been conducted to test if violence in the media has a direct influence.
             on the behavior of its observers. Gerbner and Gross discovered violent acts occur on American.
             television at a rate of five acts per prime-time hour and eighteen acts per weekend daytime hour.
             (Huesmann, Eron, and Legerspetz). Because of new age technologies, such as satellite cable, and.
             digital cable, children can easily be exposed to violence almost any time of day, and on just.

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