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Violence in the Media

            Computer created, animated and real life actors that unload furies of violence causing injury, blood, and inescapably death is one of many acts of violence that children are exposed to today. The glamorized exploitation of human death in movies, resembles nothing less than what common town folks would have seen at an execution during the days of your. Television contains shows about terrorism, sacrificial worship, cults, and ritualistic impaling. Never before in the long and ultimately violent history of man has there ever been such a powerful force of persuasion such as the one that exists within today's media. The violence portrayed in video games, television, and movies alike have become too sadistically real to the children targeted or indirectly affected by such media. The violence in movies, particularly that portrayed in scary movies, can encourage adolescents to replicate the brutality they see with disastrous results. This idea is demonstrated by the case of Shawn Novak who murdered two boys after thoroughly researching Stephen King movies. .
             Shawn Novak, a sixteen-year-old high school student, was an avid Stephen King fan. He was popular, with a girlfriend, and extremely school spirited. He babysat two boys every day after school and participated in many athletic school sports. After researching how to commit the perfect murder by watching Stephen King movies he precisely and flawlessly slit the throats of the two innocent boys in which he babysat. After gaining the trust of both the boys and their parents, he swindled the children outside to ride their bicycles and then ultimately murdered them both. He wore animal cat paws around his neck at the beginning of school year and birds heads around his neck at the end of school year, proudly declaring the Stephen King film Pet Sematary as being his favorite movie. The sixteen-year-old boy, when found to be guilty, affirmed that Stephen King himself told him to do it.

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