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Violence on TV

            Television can be a powerful weapon and a great tool of influence when it wants to be. One single act of violence witnessed by a child, or even an adult, may stick in their mind and be remembered when they get angry, sad, or depressed. Violence is not something that only exists in the imaginations of Hollywood's directors and what shows up on a TV screen. Which came first, television or violence? The answer is violence. Television and violence do not have to go hand in hand; however, when they do, serious consequences can arise. The two different positions on the issue bake the question: Does television create violence, or does it simply mirror the violence already present in society?.
             Some argue that violence on TV is used for entertainment purposes alone, and that if someone acts violently it is because they are lacking self-control. They also argue that if a child witnesses an act of violence on TV it is the child's parents fault for failing to monitor their child's choice TV shows. Other arguments are supported by mere opinions such as: children who grow up in household where they are home alone for a few hours during the day are the only ones who are subjected to violence. .
             I say to them that they are arguing the issue of what makes a good parent, not the issue of the allowance of violence on TV. As long as TV puts acts of violence on the screen, kids will be subjected to it, whether or not they are home alone or not, and whether or not their parents monitor the shows every once and awhile. How do we reduce the violence while still keeping violent shows pretty much unavailable to children? It's possible.
             I feel that violence on TV should be reduced and played mostly at night. That way, the majority of people watching will be adults who know what to expect from the show. I distinctly remember a time when I was six years old sitting on the living room floor, on a Saturday night in front of the TV set.

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