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TV addiction

             In the article "TV Addiction" Marie Winn reflects only one side of the people's problem who are addictive to TV- waste of time. I would say that TV addiction has worse influence on population than she does show in her article.
             What is so great about TV? Television is bad, it distorts the view of the world, gives us a reason to be lazy, and it promotes violence in the media. TV gives a false image of life. It distorts the world by letting people think that problems can be solved in a half an hour. It is more dangerous than alcohol and drugs because we don't realize the harm that it causes to us. It is one of the most effective ways to influence on our brains. Half of the American women suffer from depression because of their appearance and weight. They all wish to look like TV models. In the meantime media advertises drugs that can help them to like models, ignoring the danger for their health. We wonder why people become aggressive. I would say that we watch aggression all the time on TV. We perceive it normal that people kill each other in the movies, that our favorite actors crush cars and rob banks. If they are cool and funny, they will become our heroes. We don't read books as much as we watch TV, especially kids. They need to be outside playing or reading a book instead of sitting at home and watching TV. We became slaves of TV, it is dictating our lives. According to Marie Winn , people who are addictive to TV do not have time to communicate and talk, but I would say that it is not about time. It is about their need to talk and their kindness to each other. Television teaches that the only thing people need to have is money and sex.
             I think that TV addictives are people of lower social class, people who are not educated and who do not have interest in anything else but TV. It is very painful for me to realize from the Marie Winn's article that filmmaker and nursery school teacher addictive to TV as well as handbag repair shop owner.

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