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Addiction to TV

            Most of the adults spend their conscious time at work, about eight to ten hours, and the rest, about four hours, at home, relaxing, or dining out, or at the theaters, etc. By relaxing everybody mean different things, like reading, spending time with kids, or may be just watching TV. Statistics proved that someone who lives seventy-five years would spend nine years out of that time in front of TV set. Scientists call that phenomenon "TV addiction"; most of the population is under influence of it. TV addiction is listed under criteria of substance disorder, where one of the symptoms is giving up social and family activities.
             Watching TV gives a feeling of relaxation, but at the same time it makes feeling passive. Relaxation gives a place to tiredness and moodiness, after a set turned off. People, who watch TV more than four hours a day, are having difficulty to concentrate. Parents report that they have less interest and strength to play with the children, or do their homework. Adults barely talk between each other while watching TV. And sometimes they are spending about thirty minutes just switching channels. It does not mean that television can teach and amuse; it can provide much needed distraction and escape. The problem arises, when people cannot control the amount of viewing. They are getting addicted and hypnotized by TV. It is impossible to have even an enjoyable conversation without looking at TV set, if it's on. .
             Most of us admit to having a love-hate relationship with the tube. We complain about "couch potato" and still laying on a couch for hours in front of TV. Even feeling out of energy day after day, spent in the same room watching the same programs, is not stopping us. Television can be compared to drugs; it makes the same tricks to the organism. You feel fine and relaxed, while it working, in our situation it is a TV, and completely distracted after it's gone.

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