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            Today, the world is changing so fast that many of we are caught off balance. The globe is getting smaller, and people have even more temptations such as drugs, alcohol, or games which could make folks to become addicted. Otherwise, almost all people who don't even realize it have addictive problems in their lives. What is addiction? Do you think about addiction in your life? Addiction means that people get mad about something which quits their everyday life.
             First of all, alcohol, which is most of the problem in the world it's addictive. Alcoholism makes that people disrupt their living. For example, lots of alcoholic can't stop drinking all the time because alcohol makes them addicted. If people are becoming alcoholic they always think about alcohol, which can't be normal thinking. The alcoholic person usually makes problems such as not having a job or fighting with their family. For instance, my cousin who is an alcoholic is divorced, and he lost his work, for he usually drinks two bottles of alcohol every other day at home. He tried to stop drinking, but he didn't because his mental craving didn't allow him to alcoholism. Also, woman who is popular golfer when she was teenager had problems since she got alcoholism. Addiction gets people to give up their life.
             Second, sports which sometimes make folks go crazy is not addiction. Sports fans who spend so much time with sports love their own concerns-baseball, basketball, or football. Also, fans think about their interests which are the first thing in their life. For example, my old roommate who is baseball fanatic especially for the Dodgers-spend s a lot of time checking game results or getting baseball cards. He usually watches the Dodgers every single game by TV, so we sometimes argued about TV channel. However, Ben, who is a student, doesn't have any trouble. He studies very hard the rest of the time, and he got scholarship.

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