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             This report is based on the processes of change an addict must pass through while healing. An overview of different recovery options will be addressed together with an.
             in-depth analysis of the strengths and limitations in relation to the methadone maintenance program.
             The road to recovery from any form of addiction is multi faceted and from the perspective of the addict, often a dreaded journey. Frequently, a grim life event compels the addict to confront their addiction. The catalysts that prompts the initial consideration of recovery are often outside of the addict's control and can range from a multitude of situations such as, an unplanned pregnancy, criminal charges and threat of incarceration to the loss of employment, disintegration of their family or an overdose death of a close friend or relative. .
             Regardless of the circumstances that cause an addict to seek recovery, the following key components facilitate the goal of recovery: .
             1. The addict must admit to himself that he has an addiction problem.
             2. The addict must decide to distance himself from his previous addictive environment, lifestyle and friends who also engage in self-harming behaviour.
             3. The addict must stop his addictive behaviour. (The Centre of Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto report that heroin addicts who relapse while on the .
             Pg. 2.
             methadone maintenance program should be permitted to continue with the program. This theory will be later addressed in this report.).
             4. The addict will need to engage in an interwoven and revolving psychological thought process that is referred to by Levinthal as the stages of rehabilitation.1.
             5. Ideally, a strong support system of family and friends will create a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing and protective environment for the individual.
             6. The addict and his family will benefit from an effective and appropriate treatment program.
             Admitting to his addiction or addictions is the first key component or the foundation to which recovery will be built upon as the individual begins his journey of recovery.

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