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Spirituality And Addiction

             The role of spirituality in addiction recovery is a vital one. Following acceptance of an addiction, and detoxification from that substance, spirituality is what helps patients stay clean and not return to using. Spirituality in addiction recovery refers to a higher power, of individual choice, when recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Spirituality in most treatment programs is not religion specific, it centers on the belief in God, as the individual understands God to be, and the belief that God will restore ones life. Spirituality based recovery deals with and eliminates the feelings of powerlessness that are cause by drug and alcohol addictions (Booth, 2000). Spirituality in recovery necessitates addicted individuals to turn their lives and will over to the care of God or a higher power and allow God to return the individual to sanity. Recovery is about change, to quit using substances that caused great pain and learning a new healthier way to live (Booth 2000). Spirituality in recovery is the tool that allows this change to occur. Spirituality changes every aspect of an individual's life, including the behaviors and factors that caused the addiction (Booth, 2000). This paper covers the use of spirituality in twelve-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, its religious background, and its effectiveness in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
             Spirituality in Treatment.
             Substance abuse has been described as a three dimensional illness with physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions (Dermantis et al 1996). Once detoxification is achieved, relieving of the physical need for the substance, the next stage of recovery involves changing the behaviors and environment that lead to the initial use of the addicted substance. Personal character flaws that lead to initial use of a substance in part cause drug abuse and eventually addiction. Character defects such as pride, anger, and other impulses must be curbed if one wants to remain clean and sober.

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