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TV addiction

            Desire can be a very powerful emotion for both human and non-human creatures. To the fish, a baited lure may be its death, as well as cheese on a trap for a mouse. For humans a simple desire can become much more. Indulging too much in ones likes can lead to an addiction, which can be much more serious. This is well illustrated with the example of alcohol. In limited amounts, alcohol can be fairly safe, unfortunately alcohol is highly desirable substance to many people. This fact causes many people to desire alcohol to the point of obsession and addiction, and when these levels are reached, harm to the individual is almost guaranteed. The harm caused by addiction is not limited to drugs and alcohol. Other addictions can form in the use of computers, work, and games. Even the television can become a severe addiction. .
             The television has had its hold on nearly everyone at one point or another. The average American spends about 3 hours a day in front of a television. That is nearly half of the person's free time. This works out to be 9 whole years for the average person who lives to be 75. To some, these numbers would prove that some people just have a dedication to the television and make effort to watch it. If that were the case, why would so many people say they watch much less television than they actually do, and believe when they say this?.
             Major studies have been done to determine the effects of watching violence on television, but very few studies have been done to show the effects of what watching television does to a person both physically and emotionally. One such study took measurements of brain wave activity, and heart rate, while subjects were in a room left to watch television. There was a problem with this study, the subjects were not in the comfort of their own homes, but rather in the artificial conditions of a lab room. The strange surroundings could alter the readings taken.

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