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TV Violence

             As three 13 year old boys sitting around a TV, the screen flashes, "Mature audience only, this show contains violent content not suitable for children." The three boys look on in excitement. The first scene shows a girl being raped by a man and then he kills her; the boys shout cool. The movie goes on showing violent acts of a person killing young girls. The next day the boys thought it would be fun to be like the killer on TV; they all dressed up in black like the killer on TV did. About ten minutes later they saw an old lady walking, they ran out and punched her and then pushed her down. Suddenly one of the boys grabbed a lawn ornament and hit her over the head, and she died. The helpless old lady wasn't that old; she was only thirty. Many adults don't realize what kind of TV their teen watches and how the teens are affected by what they see. There are many opposite opinions to this discussion. Kids don't really look at the consequences they"ll get if they commit a heinous crime such as murder. The people that don't agree with this situation blame it all on the parents, they believe that kids that do become violent live a crummy life and their parents aren't responsible. Researchers are trying to prove violent television is damaging teens; parents and other responsible adults must keep inappropriate material out of the hands of teens. .
             Many teens see violence on TV, and are influenced by that, what they don't see is the consequences that the person will get in if they commit the violent crimes. Copycat violence is very common; teens see it on TV and then act it out as they did on TV. Gilda Berger a researcher states, that kids watched a film called "FUZZ," on ABC, showing people burning other for fun. A few days" later six adolescents from NYC dumped gas on a twenty-four year old woman and lit her on fire and watched her burn to death (Berger, p. 69). This really affects our society many murders and suicides.

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