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Youth and Exposure to Violent Media

            Does overexposure to violence have a significant effect on children and teenagers (Ariel Epstein)? The answer is yes! In Gerald Jones' essay "Violent Media is Good for Kids," he claims that media is good for children because it prepares them for violence in reality and gives them tools to master their rage. A poll was taken in Los Angeles of young people ages 10 to 16 said that they have often wanted to try something they have seen on TV and are influenced by violence in the media.Sadly today, we live in a society where children are exposed to malicious content. From their favorite television shows, to things they see on the internet, and even their favorite video games. It is not uncommon for children to not witness any violent media. It is creating a new type of culture for young individuals. Unfortunately, there are those that when they see something cool they want to imitate it regardless if it's bad or otherwise. Games like call of duty and grand theft auto are definitely for mature audiences and shouldn't be in the hands of minors to play. These visual experiences are graphic and make people believe that they are the character they are playing. Simulations like these make people feel care free and that decisions made in the game come with little or no consequences at all. Eventually the more a child is exposed to these games they begin to believe this violent behavior is acceptable in humanity and that no consequences against those actions will be considered. .
             As you grow older and learn you begin to perceive things differently and become more mature. You start to learn that everything good and bad comes with a rebuttal at the end and it can be positive or negative. These violent acts that children commit because of the media are very negative indeed. With certain games stereotyping where violent acts mostly come from and what it looks like it should be noted that children copying these wrong doings may only end up creating more casualties because of police caution against minorities.

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