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Children and Violent Media

            While the impact of mass media can be very educational and positive, Parents should monitor what their kids watch and do, because it can lead to children becoming violent or showing aggressive behavior not only in school, but also at home., it takes away their ability to socialize positively, and it can be a major influence in behavioral growth and forming values.
             Growing up in today's world children are becoming more susceptible to what they see on television and in the media. The influence that television and the media has on most children is stronger than what is being taught by their parents. In today's society, programs such as Black Entertainment ( BET), Music Television (MTV), Cartoon Network, among others have replaced the quality time that was once an important staple in every American home. Children no longer spend time talking to their parents instead they look to social media and television for answers they should ask their parents. .
             When a child watches television, they are mentally absorbing the information, ideas and the values that are being portrayed by those characters. Television is a very influential tool and/or teacher parents must be aware of what their kids are watching and making sure the lessons that children learn are ones filled with positivity and moral teachings that will make certain each child's mental well-being is developed into doing what is right. On average, children watch about three to four hours of television per day or approximately 28 hours every week that is equivalent of having a part time job. It seems that the media is limiting the amount of time children have for other activities, like playing, exercise, studying and most important spending time with their parent. Not only are children spending time watching television and movies, there has been an increase in the use of portable devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops in addition to time spent playing video games.

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