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Video Games and a Violent Society

            The question of whether video games cause violence in the society has caused a controversial debate in the field of neuroscience and psychology ever since video games have appeared in the media industry. There had also been discussions regarding the idea that video games are rather just a correlation in the increase of aggression levels of some game players. There are however, several case studies, which make us question whether video games could really be the reason behind anti-social, violent behaviour of many by itself. .
             There were various case studies in which young people who were thought to be affected by violent content of video games, who have committed an unforgiving crime of murder. One of the occurrences of an armed murder has taken place on April the 20th, 1999 in Colorado high school. In this fracas, two senior students of the Colorado high school have been captured on camera in act of murder with assault rifle in which 12 students and 1 teacher were killed. Shootings in schools have occurred previously, however, this case was very shocking and contentious to the public eye as it is believed to be caused by large quantities of time spent by visual violent content of a video game played by the killers beforehand. This was first ever crime to be caused by aggression which originated from video games to go viral. .
             However a much better known case study of such, is the incident from August 2013, in which an 8-year-old boy intentionally shot his grandmother Marie Smothers, aged 87, in the back of the head. It was pointed out that the child has been playing Grand Theft Auto IV. before committing the crime. Many people do believe that both of the cases have been caused by the violent content previously seen by the children in the video games they have played. However, there are many more extraneous variables, which many have not been taken into consideration. Why did the children have guns? Have they experienced any other social influences? Those questions remain unanswered as people have simply decided to blame the video game.

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