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Banning Violent Video Games

            Minors playing violent video games that are not age-appropriate could result in a generation that impacts society negatively. Not only do violent video games affect children's behavior, the underage people playing the games do not learn important skills, leading them to be violent in real life. Children mimic and learn behavior from graphic media, especially interactive video games, and may not recognize appropriate problem-solving skills or consequences. Violent video games are linked to real-life violence and problems. These graphic games and media have many negative impacts on children, and may haunt them for the rest of their lives. Banning the sale to and use of violent video games by minors would solve many problems regarding children being aggressive, real life violence, and proper problem solving skills in minors. .
             Children and youth mimic behavior that they observe from media, as well as people. If minors continue to play violent video games, their behavior may become more reckless because they will not understand the aftermath of their actions. According to Laura Davies, M.D., a child and adolescent psychiatrist in San Francisco, "Kids are exposed to too much violence." The violence and aggression encouraged by violent or graphic video games may confuse maturing children between what they are taught from their parents and the so-called "problem solving skills" that can be found in video games. "Learning consequences is a big part of development and discipline," Laura Davies M.D. also says. In addition to teaching children bad habits, desensitizing violence is a bad influence on the younger generations that play violent video games. "Impressionable children need brighter themes in entertainment," agrees Young Media Australia. Children need not be exposed to violence, because of how it makes them less aware of real-life consequences. "The violence of these games can be off-putting,"says Brian Crecente, a news editor for a gaming website called Polygon.

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