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Video Game Violence

             As you stand in the center of the packed arena, the air is alive with the screams of thousands of fans surrounding you. Across the ring stands your opponent, a ninja, clad in yellow, who goes by the name of Scorpion. An official walks to the center of the ring and signals your bout to begin. Immediately, Scorpion is upon you throwing punches and kicks at lightning speed as you desperately attempt to parry his attacks. As you feel your body begin to weaken, a spot suddenly appears in Scorpion's defense. You make a desperate lunge toward him with all your strength. The kick hit's the yellow ninja in the stomach and sends him staggering to the opposite side of the ring. You use this brief pause in the action to catch your breath when you notice Scorpion starring straight into your eyes and into your soul. Suddenly and without warning, a spear flies from Scorpion's wrist towards your chest. Not having time to time to dodge, the projectile hits it's target with an incredible force. Scorpion uses the rope at the end pulls you towards himself. The pain in your chest is tremendous and all you hear is the ninja's raspy voice screaming, "GET OVER HERE!" You soon stand staggering in front of him, but not for long. Scorpion's uppercut punch impacts with your jaw, and as you hit the ground, the .
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             world fades to black with the crowd chanting the victor's name, "SCORPION, SCORPION, SCORPION!" Politicians believe that scenes, such as the one above, when portrayed in video games , inspire gamers to commit violent acts. That simply isn't true. Even with the rising amount of violence in games, video game violence does not cause real violence and companies, which make these games, should not be penalized. Also, stores which sell violent games should be watched more closely in an attempt to prevent younger gamers from getting violent games.
             People were first exposed to video games in 1972 with the release of Pong for the Atari Video Game System (Singh, 1).

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