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Violent Video Games and Their Effects on Children

            Contemplate this, only one percent of video games published are rated "mature- for adults aged eighteen and yet they have the public inordinately alarmed because they cause children to be violent. Video games are a staple form of entertainment in established societies all around the world. Computer games or video games allow a person to step out of reality for a little while and immerse his or herself in a wonderland. Games are not only beneficial to people of all ages in that they let them take a step back and relax, but they also give them a break from everyday stresses and tasks. Challenging this are " groups ranging from the National Coalition on Television Violence to pediatricians - (Song 2). This issue has been debated over ever since the gaming industry started. Violent games are not the cause of teenage violence, the effect of video games is not always damaging, and the types of violent games should be categorized because all violent games aren't essentially bad.
             The outbreak of teenage violence in our society lately has people looking for sources to blame the violence on and these people are putting unnecessary blame on the media including the video gaming industry. These people treat the media as a "scapegoat- and throw around blame where it should not be. This topic is definitely hotly debated because there is no concrete evidence. In Sissela Bok's essay entitled, "Aggression: The Impact of Media Violence,"" she talks about how people, especially children, can be desensitized to violence by witnessing repeated acts of violence. She also explains how we could become more aggressive because of this. (Bok 464) A rebuttal to this is that it needs to be revealed to the child that the game they are playing is just an unreal world that they can control. It also needs to be made known, that in fact, they cannot control real life in this manner. In most violent games both the heroes and the enemies of the game regenerate after they die.

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