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Negative Effects of Video Games

            On average most people spend their free time doing extracurricular activities like sports, some spend their free time playing video games instead. The amount of time one spends playing video games, looking at the television screen or on the laptop may affect someone either positively or negatively. People may not notice the effects of video games due to the mentality that it's just a game but the short-term effects my yield long-term effects later on. There are pros and cons of playing video games; for the most part the cons out-weigh the pros. Though there might be a slight bit of positive outcome, through research and my own personal experience, I stand for the fact that video games affect people negatively through behavioral interactions, time efficiency, addiction and parental misguidance.
             Video games affect the behavioral social interaction of people. Even though video games might bring about the union of friends to play a certain game and have fun, the negative effect it brings to the individual is much more significant than the communal get-together. People playing video games are more likely to be socially awkward, adding insult to injury, people playing violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, in turn tarnish their social interaction, acting aggressively and violently towards others. This distortion of human behavior and aggressiveness may lead to one committing crimes and vandalizing property as an action reaction effect of what they are playing (Hoerner). The behavior is learned through the cognitive piece of the mind in turn the output through the actions we bring forth to the society (Wundt). The escalation might be server, approaching the brink of suicide due to isolation of oneself and desertion of others, thus causing depression (Bennett). The solution to this problem causing a negative impact to the society, can be curbed by minimizing the amount of violent video games one plays on a regular basing, going a step further to not playing any violent video games.

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