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Video Games and Violent Behavior

            As with most social subjects, controversy surrounds the violent video game debate - do they really have a negative effect on the minds and behaviors of those who play them? Those who rally against young people having access to war and weaponry video games claim that playing games such as "Call of Duty", "Assassin's Creed", and "Halo" cultivates real-world violence. In this essay, I'll cover some of the positive effects of playing violence-based games, such as the development of multitasking skills, improved/quicker thinking, finely tuned hand-eye coordination and an overall improvement of the player's motor skills.
             There's no denying that shooting games are the most violent video games you can play. Some researchers have made well-supported connections between this type of game and teenage boys who commit violent crimes. Many of the young men who've been responsible for school ground massacres and armed robberies were at one time devout players of violent video games. But every day, millions of boys(and men) play aggressive and violent video games, and only a very small percentage (almost zero percent) step beyond the setting of the game and bring the violence into reality. Shooting games are the primary target of those who want to outlaw violence in video games, but such a move is completely unnecessary. .
             Shooting games are more beneficial to boys/men than most people would believe. These games teach the players how to multitask - doing things such as aiming and shooting while also moving and navigating. It's not as easy as it looks. It's a skill that you train your brain to master. Using the game controller helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. These are important skills needed in life. Developing these attributes can also lead to an increase in real-life situational awareness and management of time and resources. Shooting games can teach players how to respond to challenges in life and how to react when things don't go as planned.

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