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Video Games, Children and Violent Behavior

            Video games and gaming consoles are the newest technology that every kids and teenager in the world is or will be exposed to. Violent behavior in children is often linked to violence in video games. There have been many studies to prove this to be false. Most children are able to tell the difference between right and wrong. Video games are made for entertainment purposes, not as models on how to act in society. A parent or guardians' more active involvement in the daily activities of their children is more responsible for a child's actions then what they see in a video game. By blaming video games for a child's violent behavior, misdirects energy away from eliminating the actual cause of the behavior and allows the behavior to continue. If played properly and with proper supervision, video games can have a positive effect on children and help prepare them for the future.
             In the 1990's children television shows were very wholesome and always had a happy ending. Something would go wrong because someone didn't listen or misbehaved in some way, but they would always learn their less at the end of the half hour and all would be set right. That cannot be said for many of today's children cartoons and shows on television. Many of them depict violence such as explosions, fighting, or even running people over with cars, and much more. For example Spongebob Square Pants, this is a show on several times a day everyday of the week. Almost every child in the world has seen this show, my children included. In every episode of Spongebob someone gets hurt in some way or another. Unlike in a video games, the cartoon characters get up and act like nothing happened. This is teaching children that it is alright to bully people and to hurt others. It also teaches children that there are no consequences for their actions. If you hurt others that no physical damage will be done. In most video games, whether the content is violent, educational, entertaining etc there are consequences for your actions.

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