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A Visitation to an Art Museum

             It is amazing how an early museum visitation can impact students at the beginning of an Art Appreciation class. The trip to the North Carolina Art museum was fun for me because it gave me an opportunity to learn in an entirely different and stimulating environment other than the normal classroom environment that I "m used to. It also broadens the understanding of the course assigned text as well as heightens personal interest and so forth, which in most individuals will potentiate the continuation of the course with ease. .
             First of all, the trip was fun because it gave me an opportunity to visit a place I have not been before, and exposed me to many incredible works of arts by different noble artists. I also had a chance to meet some professionals in the art field who can make life easier for anybody in a museum environment. It was fun having access to such rich and beautiful works of different contemporary and renaissance artists which are not only very expensive but also can rarely be found in other museums. The museum workers like Mr. Joseph Covington, the speaker, was wonderful and a great asset to first- time visitors like me in understanding how the environment operates and how to seek for help in terms of difficulties. To me, his speech about curators is the most important information to any first-time visitor because they can offer a great deal of help depending on the time and place of the art work the visitor is interested in.
             Additionally, the orderly arrangement of the works of art and their descriptions aid not only in understanding the individual art works but also help in better understanding of the art appreciation text because both are arranged and explained in the same format. In any piece of art work either from the museum or from the text, the first things to be seen are the artist's name, place and time of existence, the time the piece was made, the title of the art work, and detailed explanation about the intentions of the artist concerning that art work.

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