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Marshall Museum Of Art Case Analysis

            Marshall Museum of Art (MMA) is a not-for-profit corporation that is located in a large metropolitan area in the western United States, Universal City. MMA was originally chartered as the Fannel County Museum of Fine Arts and was funded by Fannel County. The name of the museum was changed in the early 1990s to Marshall Museum of Art due to the large endowment of $25 million that the museum received from Jonathon A. Marshall upon his death. .
             In 1992, MMA received a $28 million dollar bond, which led to the construction and expansion of the museum. The expansion and new location, which the land was made available for $1.00 from Jonathon Marshall's real estate holdings, is six blocks from their current location and had extensive parking availability. .
             MMA is experiencing many problems that are attributing to their continued loss of revenue. MMA has three serious issues that need to be addressed. Ashley Mercer, Director of Development and Community Affairs, believes that MMA has a lack of consistent image. This image is affecting revenues because residents cannot distinguish the MMA building from other businesses in the area. The image in turn also affects the visitation and memberships that MMA is receiving. The second issue is MMA has no capital to help establish a consistent brand image. By establishing an image the museum will in turn gain more visitors which means an increase in new members but, there are no extra funds to help in the building an image. The third, and most crucial, issue that is contributing to the continued loss of revenue is MMA's costs are exceeding their revenue. Since 1997, MMA has incurred a net loss every year. .
             Before a solution can be made there needs to be an analysis of each component within the museums marketable objectives. The first objective that needs to be evaluated is image. When discussing image among the viewpoints museum's image vary greatly.

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